Our friends and partners

Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation thanks the partners for support and involvement to the projects.

  • Coca-Cola - a leader in the production of high-quality non-alcoholic beverages and one of the biggest investors in the Russian economy. For more than 100 years of Coca-Cola participated in sporting events around the world - an integral part of company policy and an important element of business.

  • Rays - social project successful Volgograd businessman Alexander Malashkin created to show the importance of entrepreneurship to the next level and reveal its social features. The project is working in three areas: social, develop and maintain community values.

  • Astra - is not just a video studio, a team of like-minded people, for which the main goal - creation of high-quality videos. For 4 years of filming and editing video studio on account of a lot of work for major national companies, the cooperation with well-known brands and the people both in Russia and abroad.

  • Studio "KEFIR!" - Developer of games for social networks and mobile platforms. For a short period in the market of gaming applications her team has created a number of high-end products, which drew an audience of more than 20 million people. Among them are such hits as: slammer, in the trenches, Lords & Swords.