• Construction of sports grounds in orphanages

    Coca-Cola Russia and Yelena Isinbaeva Foundation will grant sports grounds to children

  • Construction of modal stadium

    Yelena Isinbaeva Charity Foundation has got in plans for 2016 a project of modal stadium construction. The first construction stage will include athletics sector of 6 tracks, universal sports ground for basketball/volleyball and a pitch for mini football.

  • Construction of sports ground for children in Centre of children and teenagers’ Mental Health in Volgograd.

    GKUZ (state healthcare institution) ‘Volgograd regional children’s clinical mental hospital’(Centre of children and teenagers’ mental health) is the only institution of this type in the Southern Federal district, where the work on the optimization of children and teenagers’ mental health, prevention of illegal actions of people in difficult life situation and rehabilitation of disabled children is successfully held.

  • Fund raising for the project workout34

    Yelena Isinbayeva Charity foundation has decided to start fund raising in support of the project Workout34 on the construction of three multifunctional sports grounds in the hero-city of Volgograd and on the promotion of mass sport among the residents of the city.

  • Project ‘Every child is worth the pedestal’ on construction of sports grounds

    In 2015 the Charity foundation continues its work on the project ‘Every child is worth the pedestal’ which is aimed at the construction of multifunctional sports grounds in our city.